Thursday, February 17, 2005

R.I.P., MAX JENNINGS. The retired Editor of the Dayton Daily News has died in New Mexico and is being hailed for the elegies as a great man. Sorry, but Max was a drunk. He often gave conflicting orders to different individuals or departments and then complained about the newsroom conflicts. He never saw a 2-man, 2-hour job that couldn't be improved with a 15-member committee and months of meetings. He came from Mesa, Ariz., which never heard of smokestack industry, and he let himself be buffaloed by Armco Steel's flack into apologizing for the DDN's coverage of worker fatalities in Armco's plant. Those were our readers being dragged into the augur and charred in the slag pile explosion. Max might have been useful as an Arizona State University journalism prof but he was the opposite of a newsman.

KNOCKING THEM DOWN IN THE SECOND GRADE. It's amazing how long this joke has been around and I never heard it. It's also bowling them over in the newsroom. From a BONG member:
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.
Interrupting c-
-ow who?

JOINT WAS JUMPING. Never mind what else you missed when you were the geek of the second grade. Here's one that the girls were chanting with the jumprope, and if you hung around, sometimes you could get a glimpse of panties:
"Salome was a dancer. She danced before the king. She wiggled and she shimmied and she shook most everything. The king said 'Salome, you can't do that in here!' Salome said 'Baloney!' and she kicked the chandelier."