Tuesday, July 06, 2004

WELL, THEY LAUGHED AT GALILEO. And they laughed at Columbus. One or two tittered at Steve Jobs. And they're sure laughing at you, New York Post! We'll be watching Romenesko for a post-mortem on your exclusive that Kerry picked Gephardt. As Newsday put it, you guys shure got an exclusive. Second of the week on the subject of the Democrats' veep pick, come to think of it: Drudge had Hillary. But apparently that was just an unlucky draw in the office pool. Hey, it happens. We know a guy who drew Salt Walther in two separate Indy 500 pools.

AIN'T LOVE GRAND. A newspaper slot man with lots of kids was in the habit, when he had too much to drink, of referring to his adored wife as "Mother of Six." She didn't like it but for the pleasure of being invited to newspaper bars (instead of, say, oil change drive-throughs) she put up with it.
Until one day she had enough, and long past when he had had enough. "Come on, Mother of Six, let's go home!" he bellowed.
"I'll be right there, Father of Four," she replied.