Monday, November 17, 2003

For Nov. 17, 2003. Welcome back, Rush Limbaugh! Now that your head is
cleared by that overdue detoxing, we're sure you'll be glad that your
booth is straightened out. The new bumper stickers from Greenpeace, the
Sierra Club and the National Organization for Women are in your top
right drawer, under your American Civil Liberties Union card and your
Stop Hangun Violence brochures. All those Reaganomics comics have been
tossed and the Queer Eye guys will be in to do your makeover at 10.
Hillary is on for lunch so we put off Monica Lewinsky till Thursday.
You're marching with Al Franken for immigration amnesty at 5, bail to be
posted by midnight, and sleeping on the bus station grate or in at the
homeless shelter, depending on weather, with Martin Sheen and the old
gang. Speaking of the old gang, Security wasn't able to roust those
ruffians at the alley entrance; they say they're making a delivery.
Should we have Betty Friedan run them off? Anyway, it's great to see you
thinking straight again, and you're on in five, four, three...